Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet another life evaluating crisis

Happy Friday Eve All,

I'm having one of those moments in time where you sit back and look over your life and think, NO, there is no way this is it. I can't possibly sit here any longer, I will go insane! As per usual, work is on the cards. I tried to get into the mindset of, its just work, do your time and do with your leisure time the things you love. But you cant, it doesn’t work like that. I am at work at least 8 hours a day; it is part of my life, a very big part.

Now I am very thankful for my current job, it’s not totally mind numbing and pays the bills, but it’s not my passion. What is my passion? Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it. I was having these feelings earlier in the week, it happens every now and then and snowballed a little when I stumbled upon Angela of Oh She Glows story. I had a similar experience earlier this year; however I just moved from my hellish job into a job of convenience, as you can’t get buy in this world without cash my friends, it just does not work. So 9 months later, here I am, evaluating what I am doing, again - oh yay.

So yeah, passion…Now, I have always been interested in health (not meaning I am the epitome of health, far from it, I myself am on a delightful weight loss journey, half way there!), still the love for health and health education has always been something close to my heart, be it sports, nutrition, sexual health. I absolutely loved studying it in high school and was top of the class, but never even thought to progress with it after school. No idea why it didn’t cross my mind - probably because the though of studying at that time was less than appealing, so I got a real job. That’s how the world works right? Now I would love to say I worked my ass off and saved much, much moolah, but all I did was work my ass off for minimum pay in a role I loved for a company I loathed – but lets not go there…

So, after a lovely 4 year break (whoa, I can’t believe its been 4 years since grad!) I am now much more into the idea of study. I had been looking into a fitness course earlier in the year (in another life evaluating crisis moment), and planned on completing the course then working within the fitness industry then later in life studying nutrition and working in that field. I am now not so sure on the fitness side, as its nutrition that really gets me going. So I have been looking at some courses and there is an open day for a college I will check out in a few weeks. Also, uni is an option, so I will be looking into that. There are no accredited Nutrition courses offered by Tafe, which is a bummer as that’s who I was going to go with for my Fitness certificate. So right now it is all about going for the best study option at the best institution for me. Eventually I would like to use my nutrition powers ( :P) in treating and preventing disease. Oh I get kinda excited at the thought.

So…eating raw! Still doing well with eating raw till dinner, or really till my after work snack. I am still finding it odd how simple it all is and how good I am feeling throughout the day. Though, I did have a shocking headache yesterday which I couldn’t shake. Headaches can be part of detox, though I don’t think I would be going through any detox as yet? In any event I am feeling fine today. Went to see the folks yesterday and mum gave me her juicer!! So excited about making some juice! I am still not ready to let go of my morning coffee (mmm, coffee J) so I may make the juice as an afternoon snack, to get me through my workout. I have added some raw nuts into my day, brazil and pecan. Not too many as they are lousy with calories and very Moorish. I also bought some seeds which I will bring into work next week for snacks. I am still loving my breakfast of raw pumpkin and watermelon and afternoon snacks of kiwi fruit and apples. Don’t think I will need as big a shop this week as last. I spent about $70 all up, which is a little more than usual. I am usually between $30-$60 depending on the week. But a fairly small cost change wont be stopping me from continuing, my health is far to important J

Just a quick thanks to my new followers, you ladies are fantastic – Thank you!

Have a great Friday Eve!!

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