Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Suprised at the simplicity of it all...

I really do think that eating raw is for me (yey). My body is taking to it so very well, and I haven't even had any craving for cooked or pre-packaged foods, even my meat consumption has gone down. Which is odd as I do love my meat, but the thought of cooking a piece of chicken just isn't appealing to me. I did have some tinned tuna on toast yesterday, which was nice and my only non-raw meal of the day. The weekend was, as per usual, a food and exercise write off. Exercise and planned meals just wont happen. In saying that, I went out for breakfast Saturday morning and almost didn't order anything as they had zero raw options, I just did not want to put anything they had on offer in my body. In the end i ordered an omlette (minus cheese) plus mushrooms and Spanish onion. Couldn't get through it all, as all I could taste was the grease they used on the hot plate - urgh! Later on in the day got back from some retail therapy and made a huge, raw salad - while my housemate munched away on Macca's, which I wasn't even tempted to steal a bite out of :D

Going back a bit, Friday night I, for some reason, wanted nachos and for some other reason, I made some. So, heated some beans, grated some cheese and had corn chips, salsa and sour cream - I was SO bloated after them! I looked 6 months pregnant, now I have never been pregnant, so possibly slight exaggeration...but you get the idea. Needless to say, didnt eat too much more crap that weekend. I even fell asleep on the couch at 7pm, I couldn’t stay away and digest, man my body was pissed at me :P

I went looking for a V slicer over the weekend, but in the end I just couldn’t part with $80.00....one day though, but for now my knife and grater will do the job.

Oh, having a good 'ol fashioned bake off tonight. A good friend of mine (finally) resigned from her job! I resigned from this company about 9 months ago, office environment was too toxic! So I am so freaking happy for her! So in light of this I am baking her a delicious muffin basket. She isn’t one for purchased flowers (prefers hand picked) so since I have no idea where I can pick flowers I will bake her some muffins - everyone loves muffins! Catch is she is coeliac and lactose intolerant, so I have googled some great recipe's and cant wait to give them a shot tonight. Already lined up some boys to take my creations to later for testing... :D If I can figure out how to post pictures, I will do. And recipe's if they're any good! Not very raw, but hey....

So, about the raw foods yeh. Today I am having Gena's Raw Peanut Noodles for lunch. I had it yesterday and it was delicious! The sauce is amazing. Lousy with calories (about 1700 for the entire sauce recipe, though this is about 5 servings) however eating it with vege's it’s still a pretty low-cal meal. And it is a meal. I usually have a garden salad with lunch, but couldn’t fit it in yesterday, so super filling and delish! For breakfast I had a cup or so of watermelon and a cup of raw pumpkin. Snacks I noshed on 3 pecan halves and a brazil nut. Afternoon snacks I have a kiwi fruit (yum) and an apple or mandarin. On the menu tonight is a big green salad with mixed lettuce, baby spinach, grated carrot, grated beetroot, maybe a cooked egg and some feta sprinkled over the top. And maybe some meat if I feel so inclined. Nothing too heavy though, as I will be sure to be picking at those muffins...

Must love you and leave you as I am at work (teehee) and must get something done!! Damn I hate excel spreadsheets!

Peace lovers xx

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