Thursday, November 26, 2009

So I learnt something ...

A few things I would like to say first up. One is that I think that me blogging is so terribly narcissistic, but I absolutely LOVE reading everyone else’s blogs and well, I like to talk (type, whatever) so maybe, hopefully, I can entertain someone out there with mine. Secondly, the name of my blog, I feel I should explain a little. I think I mentioned previously that I have no intention (at present) to become 100% raw, or vegan, vegetarian or any other ‘label’. I just want to keep my foods as close to nature as possible for the benefit of my body and mind. My main goal at present is to keep raw the majority of the day, staying raw till dinner is a good starting point and to progressively cut out processed/refined foods. I know that this lifestyle will have its challenges and I will endeavour to work through them, but we have to be real, and well, I am a realist (no, it’s not just another label for a pessimist ok) And the blog name, Damn I am good!, was taken :)

Eating completely raw until I get home from work (ok, so not quite dinner time) is working really well for me. (Side note: I have been losing weight, intentionally, since April this year by counting calories. It has worked so well, and I recommend this method to all wanting to lose weight in a sensible and doable way. CK has been a godsend) So, during the day I eat pretty much the same amount of calories that I would have when eating cooked foods. I have noticed however that by the time I get home I am really hungry and without fail, grab the following foods and inhale…Tinned tuna in olive oil, a pita bread and organic cheese. Now these are ok, I don’t mind that I am eating this. The thing is that after eating, say about 4:30pm, I am SO TIRED! I usually fall asleep on the lounge for an hour or so. My (uneducated) guess is that my body hasn’t had to work this hard at digestion all day, so when I eat these foods, it’s not ready for them? That is all I can come up with! Once I wake up I am fine, I don’t feel sick at all from the foods, just tired. I have never had an intolerance to breads before, however I have never felt 100% after eating pasta, so perhaps my cleaner eating has made me more sensitive to the bread? Generally after I wake up I go for a run/walk for 90mintues or so then come home. I might have a salad or some baked sweet potato, or chuck some frozen mango and dark chocolate in the food processor for a raw ‘sorbet’. Never have a problem getting to sleep come bedtime and waking up is simple as…well except when the boy is over, just want to snuggle up all day then :). So that is the major thing I have noticed. Also, my tendency to binge at night is sneaking back on, haven’t had that issue since April. I am taking steps to counteract this now by eating more raw snacks during the day and upping my calories during the work day (though they are already a fair bit higher than my ‘weight loss’ calories).

My usual work day is looking like this (weekends are, well mine. I have no routine, I try and keep is as raw/unprocessed as possible, but this is something I just take weekend by weekend)…
Breakfast: Vegetable and Fruit juice – celery, apple, carrot, beetroot, pineapple, spinach and a squeeze of lemon. The amount used and what is used varies on, well, what’s in my fridge, but that’s the usual. This morning was different; I made a smoothie, more about that later
Morning Snack: 1c Pumpkin, 2x small plums, 2x Cherry Tomato’s. Cup of Lemon Myrtle Tea – this stuff is the bomb!
Lunch: (this week, I like to change it up every week, this week is quite lazy) Garden Salad, mixed lettuce, baby spinach, red capsicum, ½ avocado and some balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dress (or this great new sweet chilli sauce I discovered yesterday!)
Afternoon Snack: 2x fudge babies (cookie cutter heart shaped)1x Kiwi fruit, 2x passionfruit and a cup of Lemon Myrtle Tea
Afterwork snack: Tinned tuna, pita pocket and organic cheese
Dinner: This changes daily, the last 2 weeks I don’t think I’ve had a dinner at home, so it changes. I try to keep is as raw and unprocessed as possible. Tonight, I am having sushi with the boy, can’t wait for some sashimi – nomnomnom!! J

My exercise is now a combination of running/walking/jogging. I have just discovered a brilliant new running track and love, love, love it. I used to be a gym gal, through and through. But I really can do with the extra $18p/w they were charging me and I love being outside. What I don’t love is when I am not paying attention to where I am going (damn you distracting iPhone) and I almost run into a GIANT possum (will get a pic next time). He was on the paths fence running along also, when I look up, see him, freak out cause he is bigger than my head and accidentally let out that girly high pitched scream complete with arm flail – on a busy main road by the way! Quite embarrassing…oh and did I mention it’s happened 3 times now – in the same spot. No I will not learn.

Yep, so this morning I made a breakfast smoothie and it was delicious J It all came about as I attempted to make Chocomole last night. D-I-saster! (will try again one day soon) However, I realised it will make an excellent smoothie base J So I had 3 giant (possibly beyond giant) tablespoons of the chocomole-D-I-saster, 1-2 cups of rice milk, 1 cup and a hearty chunk of young coconut water and flesh, 1 passion fruit and ½ a mango. Blended it up nice and good, added some ice and drank it at work. It was lousy with calories (like 600). I drank it, rather I began to drink it, at 7:30 finished it at 9:30 and I am still satisfied (its 11:30) Hmm…would love some Lemon Myrtle tea, but can’t leave my desk L So I think it will most definitely go on my morning beverage rotation. Hardly even dream about long black’s now…hardly, and don’t worry I haven’t forsaken the delicious black liquid just yet – still heart my coffee.

Well, I best love you and leave you for now (you know, being at work and all) though I shall return soon with more ramblings. I will leave you with some pics of my ‘lil vege garden. So cute, cant wait to expand it!!!

My Cheery Cherry Toms and some baby spinach nestled in there too!

My mixed lettuce!! Cant wait to eat you....
Peace All, have a great weekend...only 2.5 days to go!


  1. Omg you make fudge babies! I've always wanted to make them!
    Umm so I think I love like every single thing that you eat?!
    Awesome blog by the way :)

    Georgie x

  2. I need to learn to LOVE veges again. I eat them, I just don't seem to eat them enough. =D
    I had a friend go vegan and she turned into a freak. it got to the point where she wouldn't let anyone else eat anything but vegan food. lets just says she's not in my life anymore. =D
    good luck, and i look forward to reading more of your journey =D

  3. I have just switched to vegetarian - well, I am doing a 3 month trial - and I am loving it! There are so many cool things you can eat. I love your vegie pot garden too. Very cool. :)

  4. I have awarded you a "Beautiful Blogger" Award, head over to my blog ( to check it out!

    Love, Jess.